Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer was awesome!!

We had such a blast this summer! I am so glad to be getting back to a routine though. My brain was a little tired of winging it everyday! We had a super long list of summer to do's and we did most of them. 

The boys played with friends and family. They explored the back yard. The big one even had his first trip to Six Flags with his Aunt Jordan. There were sleepovers with late nights and lazy mornings that turned into lazy afternoons. Summer is relaxed and crazy all at the same time.

We went to festivals, partied at neighbors houses, saw fireworks, sat in helicopters, picked sunflowers, and even had a few date nights.   

Andrew saved enough money from his lemonade stand and his birthday to buy himself a new tablet! 

Gabe made some friends this summer. It is wonderful when they start to develop friendships. They are cute, silly, and loud. It is always fun to watch!

We drove all night to the beach. Stayed a few days then drove to Charleston to stay with friends.

I am always ready to welcome a new season! It is time to make a new list for fall. Goodbye summer! See ya next year!

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